Table Tray

8706-001 TABLE TRAYS (QTY 2)


Optimized Organization: The Table Tray provides a dedicated space for all your essential tools, components, and materials. 

Rugged Durability: Built to withstand the demands of a manufacturing environment, the Table Tray is constructed from high-quality, impact-resistant plastic. It is engineered to withstand heavy loads, resist chemicals, and endure the daily rigors of a busy shop floor, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Enhanced Efficiency: By keeping your tools and materials within arm's reach, the Table Tray minimizes time wasted searching for misplaced items, allowing you to focus on your work. Its ergonomic design and compact size ensure it fits seamlessly on workbenches, carts, or machine tops, providing optimal convenience.

Improved Safety: The Table Tray helps create a safer work environment by reducing the risk of accidents caused by misplaced tools. By offering a designated space, it prevents tools from rolling off work surfaces, preventing potential injuries and equipment damage.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning up after a busy day is a breeze with the Table Tray. Its smooth, non-porous surface is easy to wipe clean, ensuring a hygienic and tidy workspace. Spend less time on maintenance and more time on what matters most—your work.

Portable: Need to move your tools to a different work area? No problem! The Table Tray's lightweight design and ergonomic handles allow for easy transportation, providing seamless mobility across the shop floor. 

The Table Tray finds its utility in various manufacturing applications, including but not limited to:
⦁    CNC machining
⦁    Metal fabrication
⦁    Assembly lines
⦁    Mold making
⦁    Welding operations
⦁    Industrial maintenance

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